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20230103 How to Write an Abstract


Speakers: Tom Becskehazy and Sean Edgley, Fulbright TEFL Advisor

Things about abstract

  1. Showing general ideas

  2. Usually consist of 150-200 words

What is normally contained in abstract

  1. Questions and problems

  2. Motivations

  3. Research methods

  4. Findings

Important things while writing an abstract

  1. Be as simple and short as possible

  2. Focus on what you have produced

  3. Avoid abbreviations and sources

  4. Why is your research connected to your academic community (focus on the right audience)

  5. Use search engines, catch phrases and keywords, but not technical words

  6. Put just enough data in abstract

Abstract =/= introduction

Steps of writing a good abstract

  1. Read as many papers’ abstracts as possible and learn from them

  2. Finish your paper first, go through each section and summarize it in 1-2 sentences

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