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EMI (English Mediated Instruction) 8- Guide Practice


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Guided practice

DO s

  • Students work under direct teacher guidance

  • Requires active teaching

  • Instructor planning and patience

  • Limiting content

  • Effective visual aids


  • Don't explain the method

  • Don't clarify definitions

  • Don't reteach or repeat

Guidance progresses through three stages:

i) Initial guided practice: step by step

1. Signpost practice steps

Four steps for creating signposts in your English language lesson.

Step 1: Write the lesson aim
Step 2: Explain how each activity relates to the lesson aim
Step 3: Ask questions related to the lesson aim after each lesson stage
Step 4: Reflect on the entire lesson By Ste Sharpe

2. Use clear, concise, multi-modal instruction

3. Check students’ work at each step

4. Progress with everyone together


II) Intermediate guided practice: check interim steps

1. Practice the first step together

2. Release students to complete interim steps independently

3. Check interim steps

Intermediate practice, where students continue their practice with the teacher checking only interim steps. It is important to stop at key steps and ensure the entire class is together and answers questions.

IIi) Closing guided practice: transition to independent practice

1. Identify steps only

2. Check students step by step

3. Prepare examples of every type of homework or quiz question

The teacher closes guided practice and releases students for independent practice in the classroom or as homework or assignments. Guided practice should include examples of every step of the question that will be included independent practice, quizzes, and exams.

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