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EMI (English Mediated Instruction) 1- Checking For Understanding


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Examples of poor checking

1. Avoid real checking

  • Confusing ‘No Response’ as understanding

  • Telling the lesson instead of teaching

2. Checking top students only

  • Thinking that the top students represent the whole class

  • Favoring talented students

3. Checking using Exam

  • Ignoring the guidance in students’ learning


How to improve?

1. Adjust pace and reteach

  • Using different paces in different lessons due to the difficulty

2. Verify Know-How

  • Knowing whether they can finish the assignment before giving them

3. Provide equal opportunity


Simple techniques

1. Concept and vocabulary definitions

2. Steps to complete problems

3. Instructions for classroom tasks


The APPLE Method

  • Ask a question of the whole class

  • Pause and sign post

  • Pick a non-volunteer to answer the question

  • Listen to their full answer

  • Effectively feedback


Additional techniques

1. Encourage the use of notes

2. Instruct pair sharing

3. Use repetition liberally

4. Build a writing record

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