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EMI (English Mediated Instruction) 2- Setting Quizzes and Exams


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Six-step approach

1. Pre-teach

  • The content and the method of the responding questions must be taught.

  • Teaching the rubric of the exam.

2. Get attention

  • Instructions should include reminders of the structure and rubric, time for the exam, what to do when the teacher stops talking, and what to do when the exam is over

3. Instruct step by step

4. Check understanding

  • Students didn’t reply doesn’t mean they understand

5. Summarize

6. Start, finish

  • Give specific instructions for the start and finish of the exam


Bad Examples

1. Ineffective assessment

2. Not getting students’ attention

3. Giving long, complex instruction

4. Not checking for understanding


Poor instruction techniques

1. Tests the exam format, not the contents

2. Distracts from learning assessment

3. Create stress


Benefits of clear instructions

1. Accurately assess learning

2. Evaluate learning objectives

3. Compare assessment methods

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