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EMI(English Mediated Instruction) 3- EMI Classroom management


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Poor classroom management leads to

  • Inattention

  • Dissatisfaction

  • Confusion

  • Discipline problem

A student who has demonstrated a consistent pattern of anti-social behavior that interferes with the educational process.

Poor classroom management habits in detail

  • No connection

a. Closed posture

A typically unconscious bodily posture in which the body tends towards being closed in on itself—with arms and legs close to the body or crossed.

b. Limited eye contact

  • No enthusiasm

a. Monotone voice

A succession of syllables, words, or sentences in one unvaried key or pitch

b. Blank expression

  • No planning

    1. Awkward interaction

    2. Wasted time

  • No clarity

    1. Confusing gesture

    2. No outline

    3. No end

  • No explanation

    1. No definition

    2. No written record

Teacher's classroom management practices have a significant, positive effect on decreasing problem behavior in the classroom. Students in the treatment classrooms in all 12 studies located for the review showed less disruptive, inappropriate, and aggressive behavior in the classroom compared to untreated students in the control classrooms. Regina M. Oliver (2011)

Good Classroom Management

  • Enhanced organization

  • Increase coherence

  • Improve lesson flow

Classroom resources

  • Planned seating arrangement

Arrange seating for activity-Useful Expression

  1. Turn the desk to face each other, starting with the first row.

  2. Move to the corner of the room according to your view of the topic.

Instructors can consider ways to modify seating arrangements and align those arrangements with the demands of classroom activities to maximize student learning. from Yale
  • Organized and clear whiteboard Organize white board, Write neatly and clearly

  • Open posture, eye contact, energetic voice and expression Use open posture, Individual eye contact, Varied and enthusiastic voice, Facial energy and expression

  • Consistent gestures Plan gestures, use consistently or use a board

  • Signpost-Useful Expression

    1. Today's lesson is in three parts. First...

    2. Today our main topic is...

    3. Now that we talked about...

    4. Let's move on to...

    5. I have introduced... I'll expand more on it now.

    6. I'll elaborate more on that point later in this lesson.

  • Bookend-Useful Expression

    1. Today we will discuss...

    2. In today's lesson we will cover...

    3. Before we end class today, let's review...

    4. One more time, today's important topics were...

    5. Next class topic is ...

    6. The next class will answer the question, ...

Bookend Approach is a cooperative learning, instructional large lecture strategy that engages students by breaking up lecture on a particular subject with small group and/or partner discussions. from NDSU

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