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EMI(English Mediated Instruction) 5- Activating prior knowledge


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Example of ineffective activation

1. Assume prior knowledge

  • Move on despite lack of response

  • Students may have learning gaps

  • No checking for understanding

  • Long-term memory not ready for activation

2. Give no prompts

  • No context for recall

  • Students have no direction for tasks

  • Task purpose is confusing

3. Assess prior knowledge

  • Kill students’ interest

  • Cause students to feel dejected

  • Encourage a passive attitude

  • Stress use of textbook over teaching


Benefits of activating prior knowledge

  • Engage students in material

  • Provide relevant context for new ideas

  • Validate students’ knowledge and experience

  • Promote inclusion


Types of prior or background knowledge to activate

1. Refresh a sub skill (How to)

2. Appeal to common experience (Gives real world connection)

3. Plan in advance

  • Definitions

  • Skill review steps

  • Appeals to students

  • Personal stories and examples

  • Demonstrations

4. Keep it brief


Creating convey meaning

1. Mime action

2. Use facial expression or gesture

3. Make sound

4. Draw

5. Model and demonstrate

6. Provide sample


Useful Expressions

Refresh a sub skill

  • Let's review how to...

  • Remember how we did it...

  • Remember that...

  • Recall what we did before...

  • Last time we...

  • First I would...

  • Next we should...

  • The way to do this is...

  • Let me tell you...

  • What are your experiences with this?

  • What happens to you when...?

  • Did you ever have an experience...?

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